Program objectives:

  • Asses the work environment as well as the key factors that affect it.
  • Develop action plan to improve the work environment.


The proposed methodology is through group dynamics. Data collection is achieved through meetings in which the participants are made aware of the importance of their comments, as well as the importance of providing accurate data that will allow the improvement of the work environment.

The participants do not receive any information in advance related to the work environment diagnostic. Participants are invited to a meeting that can be named “Continual Improvement”, “Organizational Environment”, “Quality Week”, “Work Enthusiasm” or something similar. Once in the meeting all the surveys provided by the customer are applied.

A final report is issued presenting quantitative and qualitative data related to the needs of the organization. Also the personnel assessment is reported which will lead to a general diagnostic as well as diagnostics per area. The final proposal is intended to reduce the areas of opportunity, improve communication and the work environment of the whole organization.