360° degree evaluation is a tool becoming more and more popular by modern organizations to assess personnel performance and design development plans. 

Provides a real perspective of the performance of the person being evaluated to him and his direct supervisors as the report is generated from all angle (direct supervisors, coworkers, assistants and others) 

With the results the employee can take actions to empower his performance. The results also provide the supervisors of the employee with the necessary information to make the right decisions.


360 degree evaluation is applied as follows: :

1.- The person to be evaluated is self evaluated with a questioner. Then the supervisor of the person, his coworkers and clients are also asked to fill a questioner related to the person being evaluated. This allows to identify the difference between the self perception of the employee and the perception of others interacting with him.

2.- The evaluation questioner contains between 80 to 120 questions focussed on the new executive practices of the modern organizations.