Head Hunter Canada,  guarantees the hiring of the ideal personnel for your organization; reducing costs, risks and time in each of the stages of recruiting, selecting and evaluating of candidates.

Area services:

  • Hiring and effective screening of candidates with guaranteed results.
  • Hiring of personnel under different outsourcing schemes.
  • Assessment Center. Executive evaluation of your personnel and of candidates through the Head Hunter Canada evaluation center.
  • Executive training. Development and optimization of talents.
  • Evaluation of talents 360 and work environment.
  • Interview coaching and support in resume development.

Our recruiting and screening services offer:

  • Effectiveness in the hiring of new personnel.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Performance evaluation of new hires.


  1. Request of new talent to HHM.
  2. Interview between HHM and leader searching for the new talent.
  3. Search and screening of talent.
  4. Interview of screened talent with specialists from HHM.
  5. «Assessment Center»
  6. Interview of talent wit his new leader.
  7. Company decision.
  8. Final documentation – ESE
  9. Performance evaluation 30, 60 and 90.